Get Cozy this winter December Promos are HERE

Friends! Young Living has pulled out ALL the stops in December you guys. The December PROMOS are off the HOOK. You ready to learn about them?

First things first,
Not on Essential Rewards? Whatcha waiting for? 😉 All your essentials delivered to your door monthly, plus rewards to spend on product later. It’s pretty much my favorite mail day!
And I want to make sure that you are signed up for our reduced shipping program, YL GO, basically YL’s version of Amazon Prime. You can enroll in the virtual office!
Alright let’s learn about these PROMOS:
400 PV: (and everything below) :
  • Sacred Frankincense (15 ml): HOLLA!!! Alright once you go Sacred Frank you just can’t ever go back. This oil is gorgeous. Diffuse it with your Peace and Calming for the BEST night sleep ever. That is one of my favorite combos. Apply to your skin. I don’t even dilute this oil because it is so gentle. If anything I add it to my Sheerlume. Because age spots and wrinkles stand no change against that dynamic duo. Sacred Frank is regarded as one of the rarest and most sought-after aromatics in existence. Friends, Young Living’s Sacred Frank is the first Omani Frankincense to be available to those outside of the Saudi royals and the privileged Oman. So why is this oil so sought after? Well, it is amazing for the skin, it is calming, and wonderful for sleep. It is relaxing and meditative. It promotes higher states of spiritual awareness and higher levels of consciousness. And maybe check out some resources like pubmed’s website and do a little research to learn a bit more about why this oil is literally “Sacred.” Also, you can search on YouTube “Dr. Suhail” and Sacred Frankincense and get ready for your mind to be BLOWN. THIS oil is on I always make sure my firefighter husband has in his locker.
300 PV: (and everything below) :
  • Egyptian Gold (5ml): Ok, I am def freaking out about this one. I’ll never forget it – I got this for free over 4 years ago and a friend had reached out asking for something to help with her anxious feelings. I sent her a roller of this and she was AMAZED at how it helped. This has been out of stock for I don’t even know how long. It is a blend of Frankincense, Lavender, Balsam Canada, Myrrh, Hyssop, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Rose oil, Vetiver, Cedarwood and Cinnamon Bark. I mean WOW. Basically sounds like a the best oil for your everything your body needs. I mean your Brain will love this for sure. It is grounding with those tree oils, but the Lavender and Rose add these beautiful floral notes to the blend. I can’t wait to get this oil.
  • Diffuser Ornament: How adorable is this little diffuser ornament? You can place it on your tree but it will also stand alone so you can use this year around and place it on a shelf! What a unique way to add some gorgeous aromas to your holiday decor!
250 PV: (and everything below) :
  • Myrrh (5ml): Myrrh promotes spiritual awareness and is uplifting. It contain sesquiterpenes which stimulate the limbic system of the brain (the center of memory and emotions), and the hypothalamus, pineal, and pituitary glands. The hypothalamus is the master gland of the human body producing vital hormones including thyroid and growth hormone. So if you want to love on your hormones and thyroid, use your Myrrh. This is also a wonderful oil for your skin. Add to your moisturizer or even just apply topically to your skin. It is hydrating and gentle. Myrrh can also help hold the aroma in your DIY roller blends. Add a drop of Myrrh and you will notice have the aroma holds and is more powerful to the nose. I also do this with my wool dryer balls – I will add myrrh to them and other oils . The myrrh helps hold the aroma.
190 PV: (and everything below):
  • Peace and Calming (15ml): The name literally says it all. So calming and peaceful worn on your body, diffuser jewelry, or diffused. One of our Premium Starter kit faves and was the first oil I ran out of in my kit because we all need some peace and calming. This is a mama favorite for sleep, relaxation, and that two hours before bedtime when you want to rip your hair out. Ever tried to make your own play dough? Here is a mom of 2 tip for you- add some Peace + Calming and chill those babies out. GREAT for traffic, annoying co-workers, basically anytime you need some Peace + Calming. Emotionally this oil is linked to addiction, argumentativeness, being a victim, sadness, indecisiveness, control and moodiness. (Um, yeah I might need that oil like a few bottles!) Also you can’t get this oil as a 15 ml. You can only purchase as a 5 ml. So this is such a deal!
  • Christmas Spirit (5ml, ER exclusive): Christmas Spirit smells like cinnamon & orange & pine & basically like Christmas in a bottle. We LOVE LOVE LOVE diffusing this in the winter but truthfully is pretty amazing all year round. This is perfect to add to this adorable ornament and this will become a holiday tradition to have this around! It really smells like Holiday Joy in a bottle. This also makes a wonderful gift. You can add drops to pine cones and create your own scented table center piece if you are fancy like that!
100 pv: ER exclusive
  • 10 Essential Rewards Points Ten extra points to spend towards free products! Woohoo! This is basically a 10 pv product great! Add this to the % you are already getting back this month!
What are you most excited about this month? Me? Sacred Frank and that Egyptian Gold for sure! 


~Sara March

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