The Gut Is Our 2nd Brain!

OUR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM is a powerhouse in our bodies! Some call it our 2nd brain ….

In fact, Hippocrates said over 2,000 years ago, “all disease really starts and begins in the gut and then floods out and affects other areas of your body”. It is responsible for pulling the nutrients from the food we eat, putting them to use in our bodies and dispersing the waste AND more ….

Did you know that?

  • 30% of our nervous system lives in the gut –The brain works as well as the gut works – When we don’t treat our gut properly our gut doesn’t operate properly.
  • 30% of our immune system lives in the gut – There are literally billions of beneficial little bacteria in the gut doing its best to keep us healthy. When we stress our digestive system that bacteria isn’t thriving, and therefore can’t keep us healthy.
  • Over 90% of serotonin is produced in the gut! If your gut ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Serotonin is what allows us to choose to be happy. If our gut is out of balance it’s impossible to choose HAPPY.

So when we look at the big picture, if our gut is tuned up properly, we should be able to think better, stay healthier, and be happier…….

Ginger is one of the top essential oils for digestion. . It helps break down meats and protein there as well. It is one of the best for soothing the digestive system and getting rid of nausea and helping with morning sickness. Its anti-inflammatory properties also make it one of the best for pain and inflammation. It is also fantastic for fighting colds and flu. Great with lemon in hot tea for colds. And, it had been used historically to help fight anxiety. So again, ginger oil, one of my new favorites!

Peppermint, in addition to soothing the respiratory system and it’s especially good for the gut. It supports GI comfort. It promotes healthy bowel function and enhanced healthy gut function. It helps maintain efficiency of the digestive tract. It has been proven to actually support and help gas and bloating issues as well as nausea. Peppermint is amazing for migraines and headaches that can be accompanied by nausea – just one drop on your forward – headache gone!

A Young Living Blend we LOVE – DiGize is our go-to blend for supporting our digestive system. It is an amazing combo of Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper, Lemongrass, Anise, Patchouli and Fennel (think about the fennel seeds when you leave Indian restaurants – wonderful) This oil blend has also been found beneficial in digesting toxic material. It is amazing for an upset stomach/nausea (morning sickness), diarrhea, bloating, and motion sickness – the all too heavy stomach after too much Thanksgiving Turkey


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