My Essential Oil Story ….

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I have always been a believer in the natural way and for me essentials oils are all about getting rid of the yuck and living a chemical free life.  Recently, a friend of mine put it very simply; “it’s about stopping the cause before it happens by supporting all of the systems in your body without chemically overloading them. It’s not about treating the disease, it is about staying ahead of it – preventative medicine”. YES PLEASE!

I am also a believer in functional medicine. A year ago, oiling became a game changer in my life. With a DANG positive attitude, lots of moral support, a huge lifestyle change, Young Living Essential Oils and supplements, full on push for chemical free living – along with Doctor recommended protocols – I was able to turn around a very serious medical condition. Thankfully, my specialist respected my wishes to combat the illness as drug free as possible and in amazement just said – “keep doing what you are doing cause it is working”. Note: I was not expected to walk out of the hospital much less be stronger then ever a year later …..

Yes, my liver will forever be compromised which makes it even more important to me to help share and spread the word — “getting back to the good and keeping it all good”.

If you are wondering what these essential oils are all about that I am talking about and possibly have been seeing/smelling in our home – and everywhere we basically go these days, then keep reading.

We also use essential oils for relaxation, meditation, sleep, energy, memory & concentration, building immunity, fitness, cooking, cleaning, bug sprays & sunscreens, bath salts & body butters. They help with seasonal sniffles, cuts & scrapes, to headaches, breathing difficulties, skin conditions, and sunburn. I have replaced all of my old cleaners with Thieves Household Cleaner and other homemade concoctions made with essential oils. We keep Breathe Again handy at all times and by the bed for a peaceful nights sleep. PanAway is a staple for aches & pains and recently found out for inner ear pressure. We make or own roller bottle blend for RLS. Many of my clients have use oils for themselves and their kids for attention challenges, mood disorders, and overwhelming feelings. And yep Hammer (our dog) loves bath time with his homemade doggie shampoo from SM+SM and enjoys a nice oil infused massage from time to time. The list is just endless …..

In short, I have just seen a huge change in my own life. – Our life. (It’s sort of funny when Erik asks for oil for this or that) And when I love something I gotta share 😍🌷😍

~Share what you love and Have a Beautiful Day!

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